Welcome to the family wine company Buganza

The cellar

“Our dream is a world made to meet man’s needs, where the seasons, marked by the sowing and harvest, make us feel in harmony with nature, the earth and with people.”

Renato Buganza

GEOGRAPHICAL AREA: For more than 30 years the Buganza family has been producing and bottling sustainable wines from the Langhe and Roero, in the heart of Piedmont.

OUR VINEYARD:The wine is made from the highest quality grapes, grown with a craftsman’s care and passion in 50 year old vineyards in the Gerbole and Garbianotto hills. In 2019 the new challenge begins with the purchase of the Olga farmhouse and work on the new vineyards.
Our vineyards are still manually worked, from the treatment of mildew to the thinning of the vines in order to favour a more complete maturation. Grape picking is carried out with the utmost attention, selecting the best bunches to produce the best wine.

THE CELLAR: The quality of the wines is the result of the sunny hillside location of the vineyards and our artisanal work, attentive care and passion. Our challenge is to create elegant and balanced wines with minimal technological intervention and with the use of the simplest ingredients: grapes, sun, water and earth. Wine as a result of the collaboration between humanity and nature.